The Most Safe Investment Options in India

The most suitable investment options depend on the length of your financial goals Investment Banks Delhi. A long-term time frame would be greater than 10 years while the short-term period should be less than 3 years. These are the top options for both long-term and short-term horizons

Mutual Funds

In the case of creating wealth in the long-term to help achieve financial goals like the purchase of a home or retirement the equity funds of mutual funds can be among the most effective option among the others. The reason is that the best-performing equity mutual funds category has earned annualized returns of about 20% over the past 10 years. The amount of Rs. 1 lac that was invested by retail investors has changed to 6 lacs. 6 lacs.

To maximize your potential with mutual funds it is advised to browse online and select the most suitable mutual fund based on previous results or get help from an expert financial expert

You should also consider your risk tolerance since there are many types of mutual funds that are based on risk like big-cap funds medium-cap funds, as well as small caps funds. There are also thematic funds, such as pharmaceutical funds. Small-cap funds can be riskier than mid-cap funds, and other funds. Even after the reinstatement of long-term capital gains tax on equity, they are more tax-efficient and offer higher returns than other assets. Certain mutual funds, such as Equity Linked Savings Scheme also offer tax advantages as per section 80C

Real Estate

What makes this class of assets attractive is the fact that it will correct its price over time. This is a great long-term investment. A Regulatory Body such as RERA Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has brought greater security and transparency for purchasers. Fraudulent brokers are less today. The real estate market is on the rise because of rapid urbanization, a rise in consumption, and the ease of accessing the financing options available for homeowners. The segment of affordable housing is a good opportunity to earn good returns over the long run. There are many tax advantages when you get home loans within Section 80C or Section 24 in the income Tax Act, of 1961.

Stock Market

If you are able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of stocks, they\'re the ideal method to earn a decent return. It is important to find stocks that are trading at a value that is lower than its real value. It is then advisable to purchase small amounts of those stocks to create wealth in the long run.


The scheme is sponsored by the government and guarantees an income of a minimum for the participant. Benefits are up to 1.5 lacs per year. 1.5 lacs per year, and an additional amount of Rs. 50,000 under section 80CCD (1B). There are various choices for investing here, and to earn high returns, you can opt for the more aggressive option in which 50% is put into equity and 30 percent in corporate bonds, and 20 percent into a gilt fund.


A PPF or Public Provident fund account is supported by the Government of India and can be bought at post offices as well as banks. It is a 15-year term however, you are able to withdraw funds beginning in the 7th year. The principal amount, interest, and maturity amount are tax-free. The interest rate is updated every quarter and is calculated on the yields of government bonds

Initial Public Offerings

When a business offers its stock to the general public at first, it\'s called an IPO. It is essential to comprehend the basics and the future potential of the business prior to making a decision to invest in the company. Investors in IPOs for strong firms like Infosys have increased their initial investment multiple times.

Systematic Investment Plans

Systematic investments are provided by mutual funds which let investors who aren\'t able to put up a massive lump sum at one time put aside small amounts of money on an ongoing, weekly, or monthly basis. They can then be part of the creation of wealth over the long run through investing in the equity market. Start with a minimum of Rs. 500 per month, and then raise your monthly contribution as your salary increases. This type of investment gives an advantage of cost averaging in rupees (lowering your purchase cost by averaging).

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