Micro, small, and medium businesses are the key pillars of the Indian economy. MSME industry in India has an expansive network of around 30 million units and has given employment to people over 70 million. According to the Indian Economy, the MSME sector can help meet the National Manufacturing Policy's aim of manufacturing- contributing 25% of India's GDP by 2022. source -

The government's initiatives in the MSME sector  Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum

The benefit of registering in this scheme is to avail credit, loans, and subsidies from the government. Registration can be done in both ways online and offline.

Zero Defect Zero Effect

Exporting goods have a certain standard to meet; they are sent back to India if exported goods don't meet the criteria. Under this scheme, you get eligible for some rebates on the exported goods

Quality Management Standards & Quality Technology Tools

This scheme helps micro, small, and medium enterprises to understand the implementation of technology and the importance of maintaining quality standards through seminars, campaigns, activities.

Grievance Monitoring System

This system is very helpful in terms of resolving business owners' problems. They can track the status of whether the complaint is being resolved or not.


This scheme assists innovators in the implementation of their innovation, and the government can fund up to 80% of the project cost. This initiative promotes the growth of innovative ideas, designs, and products.

Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme

Under this scheme, the capital subsidy is given to the businesses to replace their old technology.

Women Entrepreneurship

This initiative is aimed solely for women who aspire to create their businesses. The government assists them in growing their businesses by providing funding, guidance, training, and delivery methods. Source-

How Valuqo plan to add value to your MSME venture? 

MSME firms have been at the forefront of this pandemic wave and have been taken aback by these unforeseen circumstances. However, the time for recovery has arrived, and as we start adjusting to this new routine of living with these changed scenarios new growth opportunities has presented themselves. Valuqo Capital has helped its MSME clients in growing their businesses. We have built and executed various growth plans for our clients.

Our service offerings for the MSME segment includes: - 

Valuation Advisory Services: - Valuqo Capital offers business valuation services to meet the client's needs, including financial reporting, acquisitions, and fundraising.

M&A Advice Services: We provide hands-on solutions for corporate mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, as well as financing (Debt and Equity)

Fundraising Services: Using our expansive investor network, we assist firms at all phases of their life cycle in raising funds.

Virtual CFO Services: - Valuqo Capital has a dedicated in-house team that aims to provide financial management advisory to be hassle-free.