What is the Edtech industry?

'Edtech' is an abbreviation for education technology. It employs educational and computer programs to educate and train students and working professionals.

 The method is commonly referred to as distance learning or online education. Technology has boosted key sectors of the economy. 

EdTech is more than just redesigning books, it is about utilizing digital technology to provide a new type of learning framework.

Between January 2014 and September 2019, more than 4,450 EdTech companies were established in India. 

By 2025, EdTech is predicted to increase at a CAGR of over 30%, reaching a market value of USD 10.4 billion.

Source -edukemy.com 

Growth Trends in the Edtech Industry in India

the education sector, like any other industry, leads to online transformation.  

Online learning has become more inexpensive when compared to standard methods. Because of the affordability factor, quality education is accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Universities offer a miscellaneous selection of paid and free specialized courses. Students from all over the world can enroll in these courses to enhance their skills and land well-paying jobs. 

Teachers, content writers, software developers, and marketing professionals were in high demand in this industry. This resulted in a significant increase in employment at the time of covid19. 

Initiatives by the government

At the time of covid19, various schemes were introduced by the government. They have also launched various e-learning platforms to promote online education. 

  e-learning platforms in India 

1.      SWAYAM- It is an online platform with a diverse range of courses ranging from elementary school to higher education. 

2.      DIKSHA is an online portal for students and teachers to keep track of their study schedules. This website also provides podcasts and QR-coded textbooks for primary and secondary classes. 

3.      VIDYADAAN 2.0 is a national education program that brings industry and academicians together to deliver quality content. 

4.      E- PAATHSHALA - An educational resource application developed by CIET and NCERT for students, professors, and parents. 

5.      PM E-VIDYA PROGRAM- This program was launched in May 2020, intends to make online education more approachable to Indian students. This also focuses on developing high-quality e-content for students who have visual or hearing problems.

Source - edukemy.com 

How valuqo capital can help?

People often comment that Edtech has reached its saturation. But still, there is a lot of scopes left in this space. The K-12 segment has experienced an increase in investment, but there is always room for innovative solutions. Valuqo Capital has assisted these unique solution providers in their journey. 

Starting from idea validation, deal evaluation, and budgeting, we have assisted companies throughout their life cycle in their growth story in the Edtech segment.

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